Dr. Moody Alam

AI Scientist

I am an AI scientist who is interested in applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to develop intelligent systems.

Short Bio

I obtained a PhD in computer science (distributed artificial intelligence) at the Univestity of Southampton in 2013 under the supervision of Prof. Alex Rogers and Dr. Sarvapali Ramchurn. Following my PhD, I spent a year at Microsoft Research, Cambridge investigating the AI aspect of smart energy systems. I came back to the mothership and spent two years as a senior researcher University of Southampton. I then moved to Oxford to join the Machine Learning Research Group at University of Oxford as a Principal Researcher. After Oxford, I have been in a few 'Head of' roles in industry and academia. Currently, I am a Director of Studies (UG Year 3,4 & 5) and a Lecturer (CS & AI) at the University of Bath. For more information, please see my LinkedIn Profile.

My background is in computer science [BSc in Computer Science (2005) and MSc in Software Engineering (2007)] and prior to my PhD study, I worked as a research programmer developing intelligent software in the Intelligent Agents research group at the University of Southampton.